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My #1 priority is to help you find and trust your own voice. 

Birth is unpredictable and the medical system

is complicated. I’ll empower you with unbiased knowledge and encouragement so you can approach the journey with full confidence.

Prenatal Support & Education

During your prenatal period, we’ll discuss:

  • Your options for home birth, birth center and hospital birth, feeding, and more. All options and decisions are viable and I will never shame you for any choice.

  • A birth plan, including how to prevent unnecessary and unwanted interventions

  • The sometimes difficult and scary thoughts and feelings that can arise during pregnancy and birth (all normal, I promise!)

  • Ways you and your partner can deeply connect and wisely prepare for parenthood

  • Movement practices to help you feel more comfortable and get baby in an optimal position

Deep Dive

Childbirth Classes

    These educational classes are one of the best ways to learn about and prepare for birth. We’ll go deep into:

  • The physiology of birth so you can become an expert on your own body and experience birth with less stress and less pain

  • The best things you can do to catch and prevent mood disorders like postpartum anxiety, depression, and anger.

  • Common frustrations during early breastfeeding that aren’t actually a problem

  • How movement can help your labor progress smoothly.

  • The #1 thing that stands in the way of partner connection before and after birth

  • And more


Labor Support Package

During Birth

    Starting at your 37-week mark, I go “on call.” That means my bags are packed and I’m ready to leave at a moment’s notice for your birth. 

During the birth, I’m there to provide physical and emotional support for you and your partner. That could look like…

  • Providing physical comfort with cool washcloths, hip squeezes, etc.

  • Suggestions for your partner on how they can provide physical comfort

  • Questions and prompts to help you focus and relax

I’m your advocate and your cheerleader during this exciting time. You can do this! 



All clients receive a 3-hour postpartum visit included in their care package. It’s up to you whether you’d like me present immediately following the birth or a few days later when you’re more settled in.

Postpartum visits can include:

  • Feeding support (breast/chest or bottle)

  • Emotional support

  • The opportunity to process your birth story and ask any questions about what happened during birth

  • Light housework (dishes and laundry)

  • Someone to hold baby so you can get a minute alone to shower, eat, or be with your thoughts

  • And more


I’m happy to provide further postpartum support.

Book a consultation and let’s talk it through!

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