Personalized Doula Services

based in Fayetteville, West Virginia

Prenatal & Postpartum Education & Care

– Advocacy and Support During Birth –

Virtual Childbirth Classes 

Serving Fayetteville, Charleston, and Lewisburg

with Long Distance Options Available

All bodies
& identities celebrate & welcomed!

The period before, during, and after birth is one

of the most vulnerable and transformative periods of life.

You don’t have to navigate this time alone.





Get non-judgmental support,

knowledge, and encouragement

so you can approach your

unique birth with confidence

and joy. 





Together, we’ll address your fears and concerns, empower you with the right information, and create a birth plan that will enable you to be in control of the experience no matter how it unfolds.

You might be feeling…





Wary of hospitals and conventional medicine

Unsupported by family and/or friends

Discouraged or frightened by the opinions and advice of others

Alone or physically distant from your support network

Hungry for unbiased information

Eager and determined to give birth naturally


You’re in the right place.


About Christine

I’ve been interested in birth my entire life. As a kid, I’d sneak my mom’s pregnancy books under my covers and read them by flashlight. I was so curious and interested. That hasn’t changed! I received my doula training certificate in 2015 through ToLabor, an organization that prides itself on bridging technical knowledge with a compassionate

personal touch.

What I love about being a doula is the opportunity to hold space for families and make room for all the questions and often difficult emotions that arise during birth and pregnancy. I’m here to make sure you and your partner are respected in all facets of the journey.

Being supported throughout your pregnancy, labor, and postpartum period has a direct effect on how you will parent for the rest of your life. As a doula, I can support you unlike anyone else. My presence comes with zero baggage or bias. 

You can trust yourself and your decisions for birth. Your birth can be a beautiful, satisfying experience. I’m here to be your guide.

"Christine is a phenomenal educator and birth coach. I am so thankful we found her, from preparing for labor  to postpartum she has you covered and her kind and caring demeanor fit our family's needs perfectly."

Leah +Wally.

Invested in Childbirth Education

Labor Support and Postpartum Support

The Road Map to Empowered Birth

Get all your questions answered during prenatal visits and unlimited communications with me leading up to your birth!

Optional: Connect with your partner and wisely prepare for birth with childbirth classes.

Get physical and emotional support for the duration of your birth, whether it takes place at home or in the hospital.

Get breastfeeding support, emotional support, and more during a 3-hour postpartum visit (additional postpartum support available)

Step into parenthood prepared, empowered, and encouraged.