Sibling Doula

I know how tough it can be to find a reliable babysitter, let alone one that can be on call for your birth. Hiring me to look after your older child brings you peace of mind knowing that no matter when your labor begins or how long it lasts there is a knowledgeable and trustworthy person caring for your child. Each family's needs are unique and this service is very flexible and can be adapted to any birth preferences. This can be a great option for those who don't have family in the area or anyone available to be on call.

How does a Sibling Doula differ from a Baby Sitter?

The biggest difference is that I am trained in birth. I am familiar with the process and truely believe that birth is normal and a time of celebration. I can be a great source of comfort to your older children should they be present for the labor or birth. Beyond explaining sights and sounds to your children I come prepared to do activities like bake a birthday cake for the baby.  Also, I'm on call. Going on call means I am packed and ready to join you at a moments notice starting at 37 weeks. I treat Sibling Doula work with as much seriousness as birth work.

I am available for overnights should you decide to go into the hospital in the evening or early morning. I happily do bedtimes, breakfasts and everything in between.

Sibling Doula Services Includes:

Basic Package:

  • One, 1 hour meeting to discuss how you see yourself needing Sibling Support.

  • A second 1-2 hour meeting around 30-35 weeks to touch base. This meeting can be in your home, at the park, in the library and is a great time to introduce your child to me and do an activity together (parent/s, child and myself).  We can establish what you need in case there have been any changes from the first meeting. (If you are planning a homebirth, this second meeting could align with the birth team meeting towards the end of your pregnancy. I would like to meet the rest of your birth team. )

  • I will go on call at 37 weeks during your pregnancy.

  • Minimum 12 hours of support.



PRICE: $300

Total due at contract signing.

Covering 12 hours of support at any hour of the day or night.

Any additional hours of support can be added at $25 per hour.

**Due to the nature of this position once I have been hired as your Sibling Doula I cannot be hired as your Labor Support Doula. Many families do choose to have their children present for their labor and birth and while I may be present for your labor it would not be appropriate for me to do the physical work of supporting the birthing person while being responsible for your children.

***Christine has received her CPR certification through the Red Cross.