Rewriting Affirmations to Better Connect with Your Intuition

Updated: Dec 14, 2021

We are born with the ability to recognize what feels right or wrong in our bodies and nervous system. By the time we are adults some of us are not as in tune with these feelings so it can be hard to trust your gut.

Pregnancy is a great time to relearn how to listen to your intuition. For example, ask yourself where would I feel safest giving birth? Is this care provider the right fit for me? Who can I be totally vulnerable with during my birth and during postpartum? Pregnancy is early parenting and a huge part of becoming a parent is learning to listen to your intuition, setting boundaries and trusting that you know your own body and baby well enough to speak up.

Practice setting boundaries when they seem relevant. Get that second opinion and try connecting with your body as you go through this transition into parenthood. YOU GOT THIS! Do you ever read affirmations that are so firm that they don't feel like they are true for you? That's okay! First, give yourself a little hug for NOTICING that! It takes a lot to notice these subtle messages from our nervous systems after spending our lives suppressing our feelings. Now, try rewording the affirmation with "I am learning...." does that make it feel more true??

Like this:

"I am made to birth my baby."

Shew, that's a pretty solid statement and perhaps this statement doesn't resonate with you but you wish it did.

What if we reword it a bit...

Ahh, how does that feel now? Does it feel more accurate? Let's take a moment to recognize that LEARNING and UNLEARNING are super important parts of healing! No one goes from a place of self doubt immediately to a healed individual just by reading an affirmation. There is a winding path filled with doubt, grief and hesitation as we learn to trust ourselves and our bodies. If you've had a history of health complications or perhaps you have experienced racism, fatphobia, homophobia or ableism from medical providers it can take even more time to trust yourself and know that your body isn't in fact broken or inferior.

Pregnancy has a way of dredging up these feelings that we have done a lot of hard work to bury. Identifying the fact that you've been suppressing them is the first step, and a HUGE one! GOOD JOB!

Let's do it again!

"I am grateful."

Oh boy, gratitude can be a really hard thing to muster up when you're experiencing a difficult or maybe dark point in your life. Pregnancy certainly isn't all sunshine and roses!

So, lets rewrite that a bit...

How does that feel? Any truth to it? Notice I used the word "tried". It doesn't say I sat down until I found gratitude. "I tried", implies that you simply made an attempt to find something in your life that you are thankful for. When we are working through trauma or living with depression it can be so hard to find even one thing that feels positive and true. Its okay to be in this place and acknowledge these heavy feelings, even when your pregnant or trying to conceive. Society tells us we should be elated while pregnant, but that's not the reality for everyone. Your hardships are valid. Your struggle is real. If you can't find gratitude lets start with compassion for yourself as you navigate this part of your life.

One more time!

"I believe in my abilities."

Dang, this can really trigger your feelings of self doubt huh! Abilities... the ability to have a baby? To make so many important decisions in just 9 months? To cope with the difficulties of labor? My ability to be vulnerable? Maybe your having your first baby, you're not even sure what your capable of, you've never done this before! Maybe your having your 4th and you're questioning your ability to spread yourself across 4 kids and your other responsibilities. Perhaps you've experienced a loss and you're sitting with total distrust in your body's ability. Yeah, pregnancy is not a straight forward experience... How can we rephrase this so it feel more true?

How about this?


We can ease into trusting our bodies and minds. Starting from a more honest place and with affirmations that feel TRUE to you can be your stepping stones to trusting your intuition. Just the act of asking yourself, "Does this feel true to me?" IS A HUGE STEP. Connecting with your intuition during pregnancy will make it easier to communicate while you're giving birth. You might have more language to express your decisions or simply the confidence to say whats on your mind. Ultimately, trusting your intuition and acting on your instincts will preserve your autonomy during your birth. And when your autonomy is respected and you have ownership of your experience you are less likely to walk away with trauma, even when your birth plan goes out the window.

I am sending you strength and power while you find your voice <3 YOU'VE GOT THIS.

-Christine, Doula and Childbirth Educator.

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